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  Art isn't easy - Stephen Sondheim
Art isn’t easy.
– Stephen Sondheim


Philippe Rixhon Associates is an arts enterprise. Artistic and creative initiatives are our core mission. Our research and enterprises are the source of our expertise and insights.

We established and operate –

  • The Aarya Foundation, an English charitable trust, whose mission is to advance singing science and advocate music education
  • Aarya Ltd, an English private limited company, whose mission is to spark the world's showbiz by building an open arts and collaboration platform for entertainment ecosystems
  • L'atelier Spectaculaire, a division whose mission is to write and translate plays and texts
  • Chrysalide, a division whose mission is to provide coaching and personal development services
  • Theatre Management Associates Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian private limited company, whose mission is to design, set up and launch vibrant centres for the arts.


Vision and mission for the performing arts

A cultured society whereby the performing arts secure memorable experiences for audiences, sustainable platforms for artists and significant returns for investors.

We support the performing arts – music, theatre and dance in any live or recorded combination. Supporting the performing arts in the 21st century means that we also support the media (film, video, television, radio, internet, mobile telephony, advertising and publishing) that channel the performing arts to the consumers.


Research collaborations

We contribute to research programmes –

We join, define or aggregate research projects and work with European and North-American universities including Boston University, Bournemouth University, Canterbury Christ Church University, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Freie Universitšt Berlin, Karlshochschule International University, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm), University of Amsterdam, University of Bedfordshire, University of London and University of Mons.

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